Friday, June 29, 2007


A got his call for IOE yesterday. At 4pm. To report for a 6:15am flight the next morning. We had been hoping for more than 14 hours notice, but at least we got that. So he got up bright and early at 3:30am and headed out the door. First flight is IAH-JAX, which is nice because at least he'll be flying into an airport he's familiar with. Then onto EWR, and several intriging destinations (Jackson, MS anyone? Hartford, Ct?) with 3 overnights. One day short of 6 weeks after completing training, he's finally in the air.

So we are officially property of crew scheduling at this point. And we will be for a while. A was kind enough to point out yesterday that since he will be on reserve for a bit and will just be assigned trips, it may actually be crew scheduling who determines when we finally get that addition to our family. How depressing is that? I'm thinking that my calling them up and saying "can you send my husband home for 4 days so I can get knocked up?" isn't going to be very effective. I'm sure they'd all get a laugh out of it though. I have to chuckle just at the thought of what their response might be if I actually tried it.

I had to deal with my first critical incident without A yesterday, and he wasn't even gone yet. I took Kidzilla to the pool for a bit so A could do some review work and as luck would have it, he jumped in and broke open his chin on the ledge. In the exact same spot he had 5 stitches in just over a year ago. So I had to make the decision whether it was ER worthy (no) and closed it up myself with some butterfly band-aids and a big band-aid over that. In the past, all yucky medical tasks have defaulted to A, which he doesn't mind handling. Hopefully there won't be too many incidents like this to deal with.

Now the fun really begins!

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