Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sugar and Salt

A managed to get through his LOFT ( Line Oriented Flight Training, basically a regular, non-eventful flight in the sim, like what a normal flight on the line would be like). He said he did well and was complemented by the Check Airman on being one of the 30% (I think) who actually landed the plane on the first try. That was a good boost to A since he was feeling rusty after waiting at home for so long. Other people from his class have been called for their IOE, so we hope that we will be called soon. There seems to be nothing that we can anticipate with this airline though...

It's good he hasn't been called yet though, because he's come down with a miserable cold. Kidzilla told me this morning that "his brain is on fire" after feeling A's forehead. Hopefully he'll be better soon.

It was funny to have him be gone again, even for just one night. All this time he's been home, I've been waiting for him to leave so I can get back into a routine and being the only parent around again. Yes, there are times he gets on my nerves and times when I get incredibly jealous that he gets to be home all day while I am at work. I have been looking forward to getting back to the coming and going schedule again. But at the same time, that one night that he was away, I missed him so much. Much more than I thought I would. Even thought I knew I was being lame b/c it was only one night away. It will be sweet when he's actually doing the job he wants to be doing (flying) and we have some semblance or normality again, it will also be salty b/c we will miss him in our lives and I know he will miss us.

We're still holding out for the company to open and east coast base so we live in base. He's still based in ONT, but thinking about taking the temporary duty assignments to LAX because a) they will fly him out positive space from here for it and b) they will give him room and board during it. Standing bid is for IAH, but really we don't want to move there. I'll still pick hurricanes over tornados anyday.

We had a talk last night about getting to follow our dreams and who's turn it was now. 18 months ago, I put my goals on hold and we all moved out here to FL to support him as he went to flight school. We weren't sure how we were going to make it but we were committed to trying. Now that he's acheived his goal and is employed with an airline, I feel that it's time to turn our focus on acheiving my goal of adding to our family. As much as he wants it, he's worried about finances and wants me to put it off for another year. We've been back and forth with it for the past few days, but I think he's starting to see my side of it. Besides, with him based on the west coast, lord knows how long it will take for us to finally get our timing right on this one.

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