Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Good- Finding out your last turn is canceled and you can go home early.

Bad- Finding out all flights home are also canceled.

A made it home from his IOE yesterday. He echoed what his friend had told him a month or so ago; that when you first get in the actual plane you will wonder "WTF am I doing here? I am in no way qualified to be doing this". But it gets better and more routine with each flight. Soon it will be so routine that he'll forget how hard he ever thought it was. His second IOE trip is scheduled for fri/sat. After that? We don't know yet, but assuming he gets through this second trip, he'll be released from IOE and headed out to the west coast.

This is my 11th month of keeping this blog. I can't believe I've managed to stick with it for so long. And this is my 76th post, which I think, for this site, puts me into the prolific catagory (there's a lot of blogs with 2-5 posts and then nothing). So for those of you who haven't been with me long and/or don't have the time to read from the beginning, here's a little recap of where we've been:
We met in 12/04 in CA, both of us divorced after having been previously been in relationships for 13 years (me) and 11 years (him) years. I have a son from the previous relationship. After 9 months of hearing about how he wanted to fly but not seeing him take any action, I told him "S*&T or get off the pot already". 4 months later we moved to FL so he could attend flight school. A year after we decided that we would go for it, he was instructing in FL. We married on our 2 year anniversary in 12/06. He got hired with a regional in 3/07 and is now flying trips.

This is an aviation related web site, so I mainly write about the parts of my life that are effected by aviation. And I tend to write more when I am upset or aggrevated. Kind of like how we only notice when kids are misbehaving but not so much when they are good. I don't expect people to always agree with what I post- after all, they aren't me, aren't privy to the details of my relationships, and I only post one side of the story. But if I gave you something to think about then I am happy.

So here's to another sucessful year!

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