Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Waiting to see

Still not much going on.

The missing paycheck finally showed up in our mailbox. 17 days after it was issued. Judging from all the notations, it went to both IAH and ONT before someone decided to pop it in the mail. Thank goodness we weren't actually relying on that money for paying any important bills. Lesson learned here- set up direct deposit immediatly.

Trip to RDU was really fun. I only had about 2 hours of sleep prior to leaving, but we still managed to make the best of it. Flights were nice. We had breakfast with A's former training partner (who decided to cook at home for us since all the restaurants were too crowded due to it being Father's Day- delish!); it was nice to meet him after having heard so much about him. We took a trip out to Rocky Mount, where A lived and worked several years ago. An interesting trip down memory lane for him, and interesting look at the greater Raleigh area for me. Again some small snafu's with listing and checking in, but it all worked out in the end.

A sat in the jumpseat on the way home and then 2 more times on his way out to ONT. Once he got over the first time jitters of asking to ride up there, he had a blast. Says he's learned a lot, met some nice people and even got to sit in the left seat for a bit while the Cpt. hit the restroom. He's planning another trip in a few days. So far all of the crews have been pretty hospitable about sharing their cramped space.

It's now been over 30 days since he completed training. A said he flew with an FO who did his training 2 classes after A started his. A said (I'm paraphrasing here b/c I really wasn't paying that much attention...) that that class had been speeded up as some sort of damage control for the backlog. Like from now on they are doing people much quicker after training and then they are working on catching up the people from A's cohort that still need their IOE's.Whether that's true or not remains to be seen. I know there are some agitated people from A's class who feel they were skipped and it was unfair. Hard to know what's really going on though, so we just sit back and enjoy it. We never did hear back about a LOFT getting scheduled- guess that "few days" isn't up yet.

I can't believe that A's been home with nothing to do for 4.5 weeks now. Sadly, he's not managed to do nearly as much as he and I wanted with the time. There are still a whole lot of tasks on his list, added by both me and him, that haven't been touched yet. Things came to a head last saturday when he was cleaning out a storage closet for us. Something along the lines of "your inability to complete a task has ceased being a charming trait and is now just disrespectful." Definetly wasn't the nicest thing to say, but there is an underlying truth. I am the one who has to pick up all the slack on the things he doesn't do. Yes he's worked very hard and spent more time doing it than I do at work, but at some point (that we've already passed) his time off balances out with all that extra work that he put in and now he needs to pitch in. So we're still working on it. Admittedly I'm a bit jealous, I wish I could have 5 weeks of consecutive vacation.

Thanks to all the people who have left me comments in the last few weeks. I think I've had more comments in the last 3 posts than in all my other posts combined! I'll put out a plug for as a great resource for pilot wives. Stop in to the forums and say hello- you'll find the comaraderie you've been looking for. And if there is something specific you want me to blog about, let me know.

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