Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally getting somewhere

A got called last night for his LOFT. FIN-A-LY! They called at 5pm thurs. and told him he needed to be at the schoolhouse in IAH, ready to go for a 2:30am sat session.
He's nervous, I can tell, b/c things have turned into a crazy rush. Had to get the 3 hours worth of Jepp revisions done (thank goodness we had them on hand). Fly out at 11am Friday, shuttle to the training center to pick up uniform since he's in IAH, clear up some issues with the training dept, find out what hotel he's supposed to be at, shuttle back to the terminal, shuttle to the airport, sleep from 3-12 (or at least attempted to), wake up, study refresher, report to sim at 2am. Once he's finished with the sim, he'll be on his way home again. I'm sure it will go fine, especially with all the jumpseating he's done recently.
Once this is done, it will just be the wait for IOE, hopefully not more than another 2 weeks.

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