Friday, June 1, 2007

Where's Waldo, I mean my paycheck

It's funny how during training they make sure you know how to fly that plane like nobody's business but they neglect to tell you things like- how do you list for a flight, what's a V-file or where in the heck does my paycheck go. I guess you are just expected to pick that kind of stuff up though osmosis.

We're currently stuck in a morass of passwords, webpages, new hire materials and all the other extraneous materials A came home from training with. Or came home without as we are finding out. We can tell from the employee website (he was on hold for over an hour to get the password to get on this one) that he was issued a paycheck. But we haven't yet figured out where it went. We know it didn't get direct deposited. Is it on its way to our house? Is it in his file in TX (and where might we find that file), since he's technically a new hire still? Is it in his file in CA (and where might that file be) since he's technically been assigned a base? What is our pass code and how do we list for our trip to OK next week? How do we find out that info? Trying to iron out these little glitches is incredibly time consuming and frustrating. Seriously- is there not a new hire coordinator or a manual that we can consult to find this stuff out? With as many pilots as the company is hiring, you'd think they'd have the answers to all this stuff handy...

Thanks to my new BFF Emily, we are hoping to go up flying tonight. It's been a pain to coordinate her being able to babysit with the FBO's rental availability (more on the FBO part than hers :) ) but we seem to have finally gotten it all straightened out. Except that the forcast calls for thunderstorms this evening. But I'm holding out hope.

Today is the first day of hurricane season. I think I'm more motivated than most to actually be prepared b/c I went though a major earthquake when I was in high school. From day 1 earthquake preparedness was pounded into my brain. So we are working on getting our supplies together. Read an interesting blog on preparedness here. I'd rather have hurricanes than earthquakes any day- at least you have warning that hurricanes are on their way.

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