Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aviation Stew

A random collection of aviation thoughts all piled into one post

I've got a new entry in my quest to document all things aviation in popular culture. I found a little known, never played on the radio song by Brad Paisley called If Love Were A Plane. It's sweet. Although any woman worth her salt knows it's an Ogilvie Home Perm not an Oval V Home Perm.

A is plagued by dreams of flying jets and not having a medical. Either he is flying and then remembers he has no medical or he sneaks on a plane despite having no medical. And recently he had a dream about being in the left seat of an RJ and somehow getting lost, off the taxiway and tooling around- in the jet- in the mall parking lot. He said he was more concerned about the company finding out they lost their takeoff slot, but if they could just get back to the airport no one would know they had ever gotten lost. It was quite funny as he was describing it to me.

A also got a call yesterday from the Base Administrator (ie, base office manager) checking in with him. This is the first we've heard from anyone outside the HR staff who handled the disability claim in nearly seven months. The administrator had in her notes that his tentative return to work date was 12/30 and since she hadn't heard from him, she assumed that he would be out for longer. He filled her in with a new tentative date, June/July 2009, and how things were going.

And finally, to appease the neatnik, precision oriented twin half of his personality (the opposite twin from Mr. Yappy McYappy, can't focus to get a chore done that I usually complain about and the one that serves him so well as a pilot), A bought himself a laser level. Now, not only can we be assured that all pictures will be hung straight and level, he can spend the day marveling at the poor craftsmanship of our current dwelling. And then he can yap about it to me.

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Anonymous said...

His dreams are so funny! Thanks for the Christmas card by the way!