Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas shopping accomplished

I love me some Christmas. Decorations, presents, food, I love it all. And proudly, today I can announce that I am DONE with the shopping. Yep, everything is bought and hidden away where it should be. I came in mostly on budget. This week is the push to get the cards and gifts that need to be sent out. My only concern is that I had requested that Kidzilla's dad get him this years most requested toy (Lego Agents Mission 6-not 4 or 5, 6!) and I haven't heard back from him about whether he's OK with that. I figured that he'd get hero status for being the provider of that toy. I can already visualize the Christmas meltdown that will ensue if the ONE toy that Kidzilla has asked Santa for doesn't appear. Fingers crossed that he just forgot to reply to me.

A and I are doing alright otherwise. Heads are still spinning about what to do next but we'll get it figured out soon.

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