Sunday, December 7, 2008

An anniversary note to my husband

Our anniversary was last thursday. We celebrated by going to dinner at the B&B/Restaurant where we got married. And all the staff remembered us.

This anniversary marks:

4 years from the first time we met in person. It was a day full of egging each other on while ice skating, the $100 word challenge (equidistant vs obtuse), and getting to know each other. That first year was full of long distance driving, sharing special places and sharing dreams. It was a year of changes and new experiences for us both.

3 years from the day we got engaged. We relived our first date and you tested my patience by making me wait all day for the big question I knew was coming. You humored my obsession with neat and clean dates and gave me a proposal story I am proud to tell. That next year was full of a cross country move, intense training for you and making due with what we had.

2 years from the day we got married. You humored my aquarian side by agreeing to be married on a Monday, despite the logistical problems that brought on and my insistence on a blue dress. Our wedding exceeded all of my expectations and I will always treasure the memories. These past two years have been full of change of plans, difficult times and decisions and setbacks we never would have dreamed of. But through it all, we've been able to take everything as it came and still survive with love and humor. Everytime I think I've had enough, you come along with fresh sunshine to change my view.

Thank you for the past four years of happiness.

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