Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What being laid off means to a family

It means:

putting off buying that newer car and sinking a couple thousand into keeping the clunkers you have running for a while longer instead.

shopping at consignment and thrift stores instead of chain and consignment stores.

switching back to conventional foods and products in place of the expensive but better for you organic versions.

wearing more sweaters and keeping the heater set at 60 instead of 70.

wondering if you made a mistake moving to the big new place that you love that is also more expensive.

having to make an extra effort to communicate with one another and not trying to hide emotions because keeping a positive attitude sometimes comes off as not caring.

putting your dreams and goals on hold, again.


Cpt. J's Wife said...

Hang in there, I firmly believe things are going to get better.

Flying High said...

As you know, I've very recently been there and know exactly what it's like. We're still living like that, actually, until my husband starts work and we get his first pay cheque.

I recognise all of that. We resisted putting the heating on until November, starting buying value ranges in everything and had to go to my parents when the boiler broke. It's a horrible time. Really, really horrible. But it will get better, I know it will. The job offer my husband got last week has changed our world. I believe firmly that something will come along for you, too.