Monday, December 15, 2008

Another check mark on the list

After months of avoiding studying and then cramming for the last three days, this weekend I finally took the GRE (graduate school entrance exam). It was hard. Even though I had worked through all of the workbook questions and some sample tests, the math portion still kicked my ass. But darn it, I got through it.

Seriously, it's not as though I use things like quadradic equations or FOIL (First, Outer, Inner, Last!) or have call to find the area of a circle in my daily life. As matter of fact, the only math I ever do is the basic add/subtract/multiply/divide kind, with a little bit of figuring percentages (40% off would make this skirt how much?) and probablility (what are the chances A will notice this charge on the credit card?). Hard things like figuring how much paint I would need to paint a room or how far can I get on $40 gas get pushed off on A; things like that are why I keep a man around.

The bad news is- I didn't score as well as I was hoping. I was about 40 points below where I wanted.

The good news- I still scored a full 80 points higher than the average GRE score for a Social Work candidate.

The even better news- I scored 110 points higher than the average on the verbal portion. In fact, I scored at least 60 points higher on the verbal than the average for ANY field taking the GRE. And that ain't bad!

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