Monday, December 22, 2008

What happens at my house when I'm not there to supervise

Kidzilla is home with A for the next two weeks. I am working a few days this week and a few next week so today they are home alone. Random things seem to happen when I'm not home, such as:

A decided he couldn't stand the stitches in his face from his mole removal friday so he attempted to take them out himself (itself not an isolated occurance, he also removed Kidzilla's stitches onces). He couldn't get all of them out though, so he's waiting for me to come home and remove the "difficult" ones.

A and Kidzilla were in the car in a parking lot after some last minute shopping. A car honked at A and Kidzilla said to A "it's OK, I flipped them off for you".

A's Christmas gift from my parents came. He didn't realize that it wasn't wrapped and opened the box. Kidzilla took the box and hid it from A so he couldn't have it before the 25th.

I can't imagine what else is going to happen.

A's ultrasound the other day looked good at first glance. We are still waiting for the official review.

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