Monday, January 5, 2009

What? Again?

Sadly, it appears our bad luck in continuing into the new year. A woke up on the 2nd with a swollen ankle and unable to walk. He's battled occasional tendonitis for years. We went to the dr. for an anti-inflamatory. It hasn't helped much and new he's being tested for rhumatoid arthritis and gout. Great, just what we needed. At least he isn't going to have to take time off work to heal... That's a bright as this side is going to get. Currently he's getting around using crutches after spending the previous few days on the couch. Seriously? What kind of karma does this guy have?

The other day, Kidzilla was unhappy about something he was not allowed to do. I can't remember what, probably have another piece of candy or wear that same darn tee shirt again. He descended into a screaming fit and was sent to his room to calm down. While in there, we heard this jewel being yelled at us- "you ruined my life". Really? Already? You are only six buster, I've got a lot of life left to ruin yet. I'm just getting started.

It's going to be a long week.

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