Thursday, March 29, 2007

Semantics and being helpful

First off, the A/C is on the fritz here in the office. I feel like a menopausal woman having hot flashes with all the on/off it's been doing today. So if this post leans towards the negative, chalk it up to that.

As I posted earlier, A received no study materials beyond a snappy cockpit poster when he was hired by XJet. Which was good for me b/c it took away the "I'm studying" excuse for not getting things done b/f he was due to leave. So last night, getting into bed, he says to me "Oh, I forgot to tell you- I got the call from XJ". Hmm, the call? I started racking my brain- were we expecting a call? Was there a reason they were calling? The Call sounds pretty ominous. "A call" sounds friendly, chatty, a reminder, but "The call" sounds scary, weighted, so important that it needs to be written as THE CALL. Husbands, please keep in mind the semantics of "a call" vs. "THE CALL" to avoid freaking out your wives.

So what was this mysterious call about? XJet was calling to a)verify that he would be starting on 4/2 and b)let him know that they were mailing him out his study materials. Um, yeah. So he can get them 2 days before he gets there? Seriously, why didn't they save the cost of mailing all those out and just hand them out at training. Maybe, with the money they saved, they could have sprung for hotel rooms with mini-fridges for the duration of training. Instead of forcing everyone to eat out for 6 weeks straight. I'm just sayin'...

Seems like a rash of women on the forum (formerly have been having husband issues this week. Must be spring fever kicking in or something. I've been posting b/c I actually feel like I have something to contribute beyond "wow, sucks to be you right now". It makes me feel good to actually be able to give some useful advice. I'm sure everyone will weather their rough spots just fine.

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