Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Odds and ends

Lots of little things pop up here and there, but nothing worthy of an entire blog post. It's one of those weeks where things are just going.

A finally read this blog for the first time. In 6 months he's never read what I posted. He chuckled and remembered some of the incidents. And blessedly never said what I was dreading- "I can't believe you wrote that, take that off!"

I found a friend to commit to going to Vegas with me for Network JC in October. I really want to go but can't count on what A's schedule might be. He'll come if he's able. I'd be more worried about the combination of me and Mel going vs. me on my own. Double trouble. But hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

A and I are both sick with colds, A much worse than I am. At least if he has it now, he'll be done with it by next monday. He always gets colds much worse than I do- perhaps if he exercised and ate better he'd be able to handle them better. But I've already brought that up to him. Repeatedly. Currently he has no voice. And he's supposed to do ground school for two people today. Guess he'll be drawing a lot of pictures. At least he isn't up in the plane doing damage to his ears. Only a few more days to go and then he'll have the weekend off to study up.

One of A's friends is interviewing today. I hope it goes well for him. They were hoping they would be able to be in the same class, but it seems more likely that his friend will start a week ahead of him. Would be nice to room with and train with someone you are already familiar with, but I guess you take what you can get.

Another friend is home from training now, awaiting his IOE, and is driving everyone crazy b/c he is bored. I heard A tell him on the phone "well that will never happen to me, you know Someday will have a list a mile long of things for me to be doing." Yeah, that's probably true. But I'll leave him some downtime too. His friend also complained that his girlfriend wasn't sufficiently impressed with his new pilot uniform. I'll have to make up a story about wanting to fulfil some long repressed sexual fantasy about a pilot to make A feel good. If we are paying for the uniform, then darn it, we are getting our money's worth out of that thing.

I'm banking on there being at least a 2 week lapse between the interview and a class start date. I need A to take M out to see bio-dad in CA and also to get our taxes done and get me a more reliable car. All of these things are time sensitive. I hope I can work things out. It's unknown, of course, until the interview and all. I feel like i just go from obsessing about one thing to obsessing about another.

We've started getting info together and, as I thought, I'm having to compile and type things up. Oh well, it's for the good of us both so I may as well keep my nose in and make sure things go as smoothly as they can. Illness and anxiety are causing emotions to run high this week, but all will be resolved soon.

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