Monday, April 2, 2007

Taking the leap

Took A to the airport last night. Emotions won out over logic and I was teary. Did my best to keep it in check though. Not sure when he'll get to come home again. Could be this weekend, could be three weeks. We are hopeful it will be this weekend so he can attend M's 5th birthday party. Then we'll be looking at about two more weeks until he returns home for the next visit. Curently, I'm feeling very dramatic- coming up with literary poetics like: Standing at the edge of a great precipice (taking the leap of going to the airlines).

M and I went camping with a cousin this weekend for M's birthday. We had a really fun time. We returned home to a bed full of unpacked clothing an hour before we had to leave for the airport. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Glad this man works well under pressure.

His entire class got sent to a different hotel than everyone prior due to some room scheduling conflicts. So A doesn't get to see his friends too much and is staying at a crappy hotel instead of a nicer one. Again, this doesn't inspire confidence in the airline as they failed to notify anyone in the class that they needed to report to a different hotel. They left it up to the overbooked hotel to tell them. Ummm, perhaps they could have sent out an email to the 16 or so pilots coming? Or called them? Just a thought...

I need to get my thoughts together before I can really write about what it feels like to be the one left behind.

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