Friday, March 16, 2007

Waiting it out

A should be done flying with what will hopefully be his last student on his last flight as a CFI. He has the weekend off to "study". Which means lazy breakfasts at Waffle House, "quick" errand trips with M and I that turn into 1/2 day trips and probably celebrating St. Paddy's day at a local bar. And very little studying. That always seems to happens when he has time off on the weekends... But it may very well be the last chance for us to hang out as a family for a while. I'd rather take the opportunity and then repeat it again when it turns out it wasn't our last opportunity then to miss it.

Conversation I had recently (may be TMI...)- Did his being a CFI effect our sex life since he was home every night unlike being an airline/freight pilot? The answer is yes, or should I say YES. And I don't think that either of us would say it was in a positive way. A girl only has so many weapons to counteract stress and fatigue. And this girl has an expansive repretoire of tricks...

Hoping for good news on monday.

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