Friday, September 29, 2006


Yesterday seemed to be a particularly bad day for flight students.

One about-to-be instructor, on his check out ride with the Chief Pilot, forgot to latch the door prior to take off. Went through the checklist and missed it. After take off, the plane returned to the ground and the instructor was released.

A's student had a check ride. They guy had been kind of a punk during his training- not wanting to use checklists, thinking he was better than everyone, that kind of thing. He pre-flighted the wrong plane because he didn't check and he thought he knew where the plane was parked. Needless to say, the examiner wasn't too happy. He passed though.

And the kicker, the students who accidently landed at the millitary base instead of the local airport nearby. Not sure aviation they will be doing from now on...

It's kind of like natural selection, all the bad pilots are weeding themselves out all on their own.

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