Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The waiting game

We are currently stuck, waiting for an instructor spot to open at the school so that A can start building his hours. One of the instructors had an interview this past weekend that most likely went favorably. A is next in line in seniority, so if this instuctor does leave, it'll open up the spot for him. Hopefully we'll get good news.

The downside though is that the hours will be inconsistent and voluminous. Basically he'll be on call 24/7 to teach. Someone has to teach people to do night flying and depending on what's going on, sim sessions from 2-4am are not unheard of. That means no more 6pm dinners and weekends off for us. I'll go back to having to act as a single parent, being unable to rely on him for daycare pick-ups and zoo trips. I know this will be hard for A as well. He really wants to spend time with his family and not being able to seems to bother him more than it bothers us. It is a hard life to lead, but I know the payoffs will be worth it. I knew what I was getting into when I signed up for this.

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