Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where will he end up today?

Now that A is actually out flight instructing, I get calls like this:

Someday: Hello, this is Someday, how can I help you?

A: Hi babe, it's me, I'm in Stuart

S: Hey, what are you doing there?

A: Well, we were going to fly to Atlanta to deliver a package, but the weather looked bad so they sent us to Stuart instead.

S: Oh, ok, ummm, where is Stuart again? I know you've been there before.

A: South FL, about 2 hours away. I have to go, there is no place to eat lunch here, so we want to get back to Jax and eat. And beat the afternoon storms

S: Oh, ok, well have a nice flight, talk to you later.

They say that good communication is key to having a successful relationship with a pilot. I wonder if this counts.

Tomorrow me and Kidzilla are flying out to San Francisco for a friends wedding. It will be the first time I've been there in 8 months so I'm excited to see lots of friends. I have some busy days planned. It's kind of exciting that, since I'm flying Continental/ExpressJet, I may actually know one of the pilots. It would be a random fluke, but you never know. We know more than a few who are flying for them now. It will be interesting to see, as we progress in the industry, how often that happens.

I've gotta get packing.

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