Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Quick turns

Regarding when A would actually be able to get out to the airport and start instructing after having been stuck in the office for 6 weeks:

Monday: We don't know yet, if that other guy got hired, we'll need someone.

Tuesday: We need three instructors for next week since we're on the verge of losing 3. You have 3 days to practice in the Sim, prepare for your instructor standardization, and read the manuals on the seminoles (dual engine planes). We want you to standardize on the weekend and be at the airport monday.

Wednesday: Be at the airport tomorrow to standardize on the cessnas (single engine) because we need you to co-teach the new private pilot class starting on monday.

Sheesh, one would think they could plan a little farther in advance. BUT, since I'm not there, I have to reserve judgement. So goodbye to any evening plans for us for the rest of the week as he is simming and prepping. The good news is, the private pilot program is not as intense as some of the other ones (like doing add-on ratings) so at least he won't be stressed over impending student check-rides right away. This will give us time to ease back into the stress and absence.

Aviation has infiltrated our lives! The other eveing, A was helping M clean up his room. I kept hearing A make radio calls (Alpha four niner six turn right heading six one... roger that, heading six one alpha four niver six...) and I went in to see what was going on. M was standing at his kitchen sorting peas, carrots and mushrooms into the appropriate containers and A was sitting on the bed talking. I watch for a minute and when A finally noticed me, asked what was up. And he says "oh, I'm just trying to distract him and give him practice at tuning out background noise, so he'll be able to focus when he's a pilot" Oh, umm, OK, whatever... The funny part was that I just accepted this as logical and plausible and walked out without batting an eye.

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