Monday, April 30, 2007

Fingers crossed

A has his systems oral exam today. He and his partner have studied and are feeling confident, so hopefully it will be good news for them. They are scheduled for a 5 hour block for the exam, but don't anticipate needing all of it. A always did good in the oral portion of his checkrides, so I think he'll be fine. Resisting the urge to make all kinds of naughty comments involving the words oral and exam...

A had an interesting experience in the FTD a few days ago. He and his partner have been doing really well and have had good reviews. The other duo that they are splitting time with haven't been so lucky. They seem to be struggling a bit. They had a new instructor for this particular evenings FTD session who had mixed up which was the "doing well" duo and which was the "needs more work" duo. A said the guy was a total jerk and rode their ass about every little thing. However he missed about half of what the other guys messed up on. Self fulfilling prophecy in action. They realized during the final brief what had happened. The instructor threatened A and his partner with an ATR (additional training required) and A flat out told the guy "I don't like you". Yes, A has balls of steel.

A is coming home tonight for the first time in 16 days. Ironically, I can already feel a headache coming on... He'll be home monday pm-thursday am, then back to IAH and then back home again sun pm for a few more days. Then off to the full motion sim at Hobby Airport in Houston.
We are looking forward to having him home. M can't wait to do boy things like catch lizards and play video games. And I'm looking forward to some adult pursuits. And also to him getting my a/c fixed in my car. It's supposed to be in the 90's all week here. Can't wait to get to the airport tonight!

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