Monday, April 16, 2007

Things not to do

Instructors- Posting on a forum about your students weaknesses and asking for help makes you a good instructor. Posting them as comedy, especially on a board where the student also posts, makes you an ass. Think about which type of instructor you want to be.

New hires- Embellishing on your previous experience is not recommended. Someone will know more than you, ask you questions you can't answer and you will eventually be found out. A was telling me stories of experiences that changed from "I used to fly a XXX" to "no, I didn't really fly one" and "I used to fly for XXX" to "Well, I was hired but didn't make it though training". Aviation is a small world and someone, somewhere will remember that you got caught in a lie.

Someday- don't trust A's time tracking skills. A "quick" stop at a restaurant for breakfast before the flight to Houston led to us getting stuck in weather related traffic, which led to him missing his flight back (he was there 30 minutes prior but the flight was weight restricted for weather and they couldn't get him on) and left him sitting at the terminal for nearly 7 hours while flight after flight went out weight restricted and without him. And he was traveling positive space.

This was a tough weekend- midnight arrival on friday night, bickering during errand running all day on saturday, sunday's flight disaster. Plus still coming to terms with last weekends news. But we had some good times too.

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