Monday, April 9, 2007

My husband wears a clip-on tie to work

Every day. This is just about the unsexiest thing I can think of. My fantasy is ruined. Nothing says dork like a clip-on tie. Really, how lazy do you have to be to not want to bother tying a tie every day. Envision a man, in the heat of passion, yanking off his clip-on tie and tossing it across the room. Yep, that just ruins it right there. Not to mention all the sexy things a girl can do with a real tie. A lot less options there with the clip on... On second thought, maybe those suspender things that clip a shirt to the socks to keep it tucked in (military men wear them) are slightly less sexy. But only slightly.

He tried to play it off as a safety issue. As in "A terrorist won't be able to choke me with it if I'm wearing a clip on." So I gave him 1/2 a point for that, but still... How can this be the same man who gets a haircut every two weeks so he doesn't look scruffy?

Found this discussion on a forum site. MMM, nice. Do your wives know how you feel about them? Or are you just showing off how "manly" you are? Is that how you would want someone to speak about your daughter? Gotta love male bravado.

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