Wednesday, February 7, 2007


A friend of our passed away sometime saturday night. She was found at the bottom of her stairs by her boyfriend sunday morning. It's currently unknown whether she fell down the stairs or collapsed at the bottom of them. Got me started thinking about what would happen to us if something like this happened to me. We'll be alone a lot, does M know what to do if he found mama hurt? He's only 4. How would the medical team find A to notify him? What if something happened to A when he was off on an overnight? Seems like we need to start thinking about a plan...

A is still stressed about the course he's taking. But says he feels better after watching some of the other people's sim sessions. They aren't doing any better than he is so I think he feels reassured. His friend arrived in town. Of course the school didn't have a space in the housing for him. I wish they would just hire me to work out stuff like that, it doesn't seem like it would take a brainiac to figure this stuff out (watch me end up eating those words in a few months...). He and the friend have a flight planned to Atlanta on Monday and I know they are both looking forward to it. Only two more days of this course and we can all breathe easier again.

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