Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One more hurdle passed

A is down to needing just 9 hours before he can apply. He definetly has senioritis and just wants to get out of there at this point. I don't blame him. I think a person can only handle that type of high stress environment for so long.

Passed the transition course with no problems. Scored 2nd highest on the systems test and had the best sim ride of the day. I think that after seeing the other people in the class do just as well as he did, even though they had had the prep time that he didn't gave him a lot of confidence. Hopefully it gave him the confidence to also make it though initial training when the time comes.

It looks like he'll be ready to submit an application next week. Except that he doesn't have all his forms together yet. Some of these things are going to take a few weeks to get if we have to request, wait for processing and wait for them to be mailed to us. I have been after him for a while on this one and he hasn't done it yet. I swear, it's like he's trying to shoot himself in the foot here. So today I had to collect info on how to request driving records from different states to help him out. Sometimes I wonder if I am married to a savant- the man can fly a plane but can't manage to fill out a form. I guess his being a technical person and me being a wordsy person extends to all facets of life. Somehow I always get stuck reading the fine print and handling the paperwork.

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