Tuesday, February 6, 2007

In a year's time

Today marks a full year since A started his training.

I can't believe how far A has come. When we came here, he had 0 flight time and no licenses. Now, he's got all the licenses, nearly (19 hrs to go) 500 hrs tt, had 20 of 22 students pass their own exams and is a well regarded instructor here at the school. It's been a hard road, but I am so proud. It's taken a bit longer than we both anticipated, admittedly. We both thought that by now he have that coveted FO job. With all the year has brought, we've been slowed down by a few months, but still steadily on course. And most importantly, a)our family hasn't fallen apart and b)we haven't gone completely broke. Any year in which those two things don't happen can pretty much be counted on as a good one I guess.

This week A is taking the regional jet transition course. It is very intensive and he's been putting in even more hours at class than he did as an instructor. I didn't think it was possible, but it is. He's there at 8:30 am to study, ground school and then sim from 7-11pm. Luckily he was home this morning to kill the cockroach that appeared in our shower. Can't say the man is never there for me when I need him...

I have to give the teachers of this class some credit for taking extra time with him to make sure he gets through. He wanted to take the class 2 or so weeks ago when one of his friends was taking it. But they said 3 days prior was too late to sign up b/c he wouldn't have time to study the pre-course materials. So he signed up for the class this week. And they forgot to mail him the materials until 3 days prior to class. The notes say that you should plan to spend about 40 hrs studying prior to class. Well obviously that didn't happen. His teacher is helping him cram and from what A reports, he is doing as well as everyone else in the class. As stressed as he is about this class, he had better be. He is so worried that we will get angry at him for not being here. As if...

I noticed that one of the things the school told him to get ready for an interview is a copy of the marriage certificate. I'm questioning this. I can see needing one as proof of marriage when applying for benefits, but for an interview? As far as I know, it's illegal to discriminate against a person on the basis of marriage. It's illegal to even ask about it in an interview. Although I doubt some hopeful FO is going to stand up in an interview and announce that what they are doing is illegal if they are in fact asking for marriage info. He'll shut up and hope he gets the job. I'm having A investigate further why one would need this.

Got a burning question for me? Ask away.

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