Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Holding pattern

Ok, we got the application in. FINALLY. So now we sit and wait for the magic to work. Thanks to the school aggreement with the airline, he'll get a bump to the top of the list. I saw on the forum that the next round of interviews is around March 1, so hopefully he'll be invited to those. I know one of his friends had that quick of an invitation. So now it's just fingers crossed.

Two friends just finished their initial training with the airlines. Now they have about 4 weeks to wait before their next step. Boy, I can't wait for A to have that much time off, paid. I'll start working on my list soon.

I know that A is so nervous about applying b/c he doesn't want to fail. So he's procastinating. But I know he can do it, so I keep pushing. I guess it's what a supporter has to do.

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