Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A new approach


Then he took me out to dinner with the $50 tip his last student gave him and made me feel better.

I decided, in a fit of humor and whimsy, that since A was so good at memorizing checklists and flows that I needed to make him a checklist to run through when I was in a foul mood. That way he would know what I needed without my having to ask for it all the time (as a woman, if you have to tell him what to do it just seems less sincere when he does it b/c he didn't think of it himself. It's a vicious cycle.)

So here's a sample of the flow for Someday's Feeling Unappreciated-
  • Sit Someday down and ask what problem is
  • Adminster hugs and kisses as needed
  • Quote sappy lyrics of random love song
  • Make empty promise to be sure to empty litterbox/take out garbage/pay bills/do dishes next time
  • Take preventive measures against repeat occurance by sending text message with more sappy lyrics within following two days
  • In case of serious disturbance- remove self and child to nearest pizza place and allow Someday "alone" time at nail salon or other pampering spot. Present with cash or reservation information prior to departure.

We'll see how it works.

And we are still waiting for to hear back from the airline. Darn it.

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