Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Because We're The Airline, That's Why

Some days it feels like "The Airline" (in other words, the company that employs A) is a great paternalistic body that ultimately runs our life. Father decided where A flies, when his days off are, when he will get to upgrade, when he is allowed to take his vacation, whether he has to commute the day before or after his trip, and a whole host of other little instances.

Last month A lost a day off due to the hurricane that hit the Northeast. This happened to a great many pilots. So many in fact that the airline decided there was no way they could restore everyone's days off (give them back to be used as extra days off the following month) and instead just gave everyone an extra 10 hours of pay. Boom. Done. No arguing because Father Knows Best. The reality is that 10 hours of pay is probably a better deal for us anyway, but the idea that we didn't get to choose which we wanted- the day off or the extra pay- irritates me.

A has been back at work a full year now. But because he didn't start back until late in the year in 2010, he was only awarded 3 vacation days to use in 2011. THREE days. To cover a whole year. But no arguing with Father on this one either. Ultimately his schedule reflects an entire week off for vacation so we aren't sure what's going on with that. But we aren't bringing it up to Dad.

Sometimes the two way street in this relationship feels like a one way with a dead end. But I guess that's just another facet of living the dream.


Amber said...

This very subject comes up in our house at least once a month (right around when the schedules come out). My pilot seems to have accepted a lot but I'm still "new" and don't understand how a company can legally treat its employees the way my pilot's airline does sometimes.

Christy said...

I know everyone's vacation got screwed up..John's did and so did Len's. Len got really screwed because he went from EWR to ORD and there was some kind of hoopla about that, though he must have gotten one week because he just went to Bangkok! Stinks about the vacation, just think it's almost next year already so it should reset it then right?