Monday, March 16, 2009

It's all in the timing

Last night we went to the beach to watch the shuttle launch. It’s something we’ve been meaning to do since we moved here. We are long about 150 miles from the launch site, which is fairly close in viewing terms. I *hear* the launch can be seen from as far away as Atlanta. It was a bright, glowing, triangle going up and then turned into a silver/white dot. We could even see when the booster rockers separated and fell to earth. The whole shebang lasted about eight minutes.

We ended up having to push back A’s testing. We realized that he was scheduled to supervise Kidzilla during spring break ( ‘cause we’re too cheap to pay for care) and that doing so while radioactive might be a problem. Not to mention the schlepping Kidzilla to the hospital while being dosed and then the following two days to get the scans done. A would also be toxic for Kidzilla’s birthday, which also didn’t go over well. Since they only give out the pills twice monthly, we had to push everything back by two weeks. Just once, could cancer work around OUR schedule?

I’ve run into my first snag with school. When I spoke with both the Graduate Advisor and the Graduate Recruiter, I asked them if it was going to be any problem to have my all classes during the day, when I had reliable child care available. They both said no, no problem at all. Well, overanxious me figured out how to check the fall ’09 class schedules. My course outline says I have to take five specific classes the first term, all only available during the fall. And two of them have conflicting daytime offerings. The only alternative is to take one of the two as a night class. Where does one rustle up evening childcare in a town where she knows no one and has no connections? I was pretty upset when I found this out. BUT, I am hopeful that things will work out because I have had two separate people introduce me to other Tallahassee students they know. My network is growing already.


Spotty said...

I'm so glad you got to see a shuttle launch! I've seen one from Miami back in my undergrad days. We stood on the roof of one of the Univ. of Miami buildings and saw the whole show ... but I don't think we noticed the boosters separate.

Hilary said...

Of all possible snags that could be snagged, that seems like a small one, that with a little work could be remedied!

Once Nick and I went down to see the shuttle launch but it was during the day, we never made a night one, but they say Orlando lights up like day time!

Hope all is well, tell Aaron we say hi and are crossing our fingers for both of you.

elsja said...

What an amazing opportunity. I'd love to see that :) Wishing you luck with your schedule!!