Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The damnest things

Once I saw an aquaintance play the song Love Me Tender, an Elvis classic, on a saw with a bow. A real saw, with teeth and everything. It was this wavery-bendy kind of sound, but you could definetly recognize the song. A and I both thought "did that really just happen? She played that on a saw?" Folk music at it's finest. If she had then proceeded to cut up a log for some firewood, it would have totally blown our minds.

At a circus I saw a clown drive up in a tiny little car. He got out and he was like 6'8. He was giant. Then, he picked the car up and walked away carrying it under his arm. It was that simple. Damnest thing.

My biggest source of wonderment is how do people on foot get hit by trains. Seriously, can't you hear and feel the train coming even if it's behind you? How loud does your ipod have to be to miss a train? How into your conversation are you? It's not like they sneak up behind you. And if you are walking on the tracks shouldn't you already be aware that one might be coming? Our office is about 500 feet from some train tracks and it's pretty hard not to notice when it's going by. I've never understood it.

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