Friday, January 9, 2009

Cheap and not cheap

I'm cheap, I'll admit it. I refuse to replace our 12+ year old television until it expires on it's own. I'll make the cars we have work until I can afford to buy the car I want (I don't care how nice and affordable the Ford Focus is A, I'm not getting one!). I will only go to museums on the free days and I haven't taken Kidzilla to Disneyworld yet even though we only live 2 hours away. When submitting my grad school application, I chose to mail in a check for my application fee instead of paying the extra $5 to pay it online. It's now been 4 weeks and they haven't cashed the check yet. I'm wondering if going the cheap route is going to get me this time...

On the not cheap side, the hospital called us and wants their $27,000.00 they say we owe. Apparently the insurance hasn't paid a bill from 3/08 yet. A called and spend 30 minutes talking with the insurance customer service agent to no avail. The claim was held for "more information needed" but no one can tell us what the information that is needed is. They said they would call us back. As you guessed, we won't be holding our breath for that call.

A didn't like the snowman motif on my blog and nagged me into changing it. After an hour searching online, I couldn't find anything I like, so I just went back to basics for now. Know of a site to download cool templates? Leave me the site in the comments.

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Rachel said...
I just need to figure out the headline banner!