Friday, November 7, 2008

Watery deaths and my affinity for bling

I do not have a good history with cell phone longevity. Or electronics in general. Usually they meet a watery death within months. I've knocked at least three phones off of counters and into sinks or toilets. I lost the earbuds to my Ipod Shuffle when one popped out of my ear and right into my coffee. I promptly stole A's earbuds, which worked out fine because a short time later, I ended up running his Shuffle through the washing machine (in my defense, it was HIM who left it in the cargo pocket of his shorts). I've stepped on or dropped plenty of things too. Once something went into a pot of water I was boiling on the sink. I think something even flew out the window from our moving car one time.

So when A called me yesterday at lunchtime and my phone went straight to voicemail, he knew. Something was up and it probably was going to require a new cell phone. And he was right. 6 hours after taking it's final plunge and spitting out battery error messages as its death throes, it was gone. A did the smart thing though- he gave me his 2 year old LG ENV and got himself the brand new Motorola Krave (promptly exchanged for a LG Voyager). He couldn't get me to consent to carrying one of those idestructable phones though, because it's too heavy and can't be blinged up enough.

And on the topic of bling- I'm looking for the most gaudy, blinged out, tacky piece of airplane jewlery I can find. Like a gold/rhinestone plane the size of my fist with real spinning propellers on a giant gold chain. Along the lines of this, but with more ooommph. Post a link if you find something that fits the bill.

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