Monday, November 3, 2008

Great moments in Parenting

Awards I should receive based on my some of my finest hours:

Meanest Mom/Parenting with Balls Award- For a week we were after Kidzilla to clean up his room. All week we told him that if his room wasn't clean by thursday night, he would not be trick or treating on friday and that we would take care of his toys for him if he wouldn't do it himself. Of course it came down to thursday evening and he flat out refused to do it. Was yelling "you can't make me" and all that other classic stuff. So we said "ok, you have made your decision. You understand what is going to happen tomorrow right". "I don't care".

So friday (which I happened to have off work), Kidzilla came home to a completely barren room. He had several books, a few math/puzzle workbooks, two pencils, a stuffed puppy and a foam headrest thing that A brought home from the hospital this spring. He cried and carried on, but accepted his decision. We stayed home and handed out candy to the 4 trick or treaters that came by and he even told A- "I made a bad decision".

I was pleasantly suprised that he did not end up pestering us to play with him all weekend, but managed to entertain himself with the meager offerings in his room. At one point he was wearing rain boots and playing soccer with the foam headrest- creativity at it's finest! I'm inspired to get rid of a bunch of toys, except that when I add up how much money was spent on them, I can't bring myself to do it. He's earning the toys back slowly, but really hasn't asked for too much yet. And he did get to do a bit of trick or treating at the Zoo the next evening.

The Oh No She Didn't Award- Kidzilla lost a tooth on friday afternoon. Of course I was completely unprepared and didn't have anything to leave as the tooth fairy. I don't know why I didn't plan ahead, it was obvious that the tooth was going to come out soon... So that evening, we told him that the Tooth Fairy probably already had her route planned out and that all orders had to be in by noon for pick up that day. She'd probably pick up his tooth on Saturday night instead of friday. It worked, he believed it and wasn't too heartbroken when she didn't come. Saturday was a busy day and neither A or I had an opportunity to stop by the bank or post office to pick up a gold dollar coin. So I put Kidzilla in the tub and while he was splashing around A raided his piggy bank for the gold dollar from the last time he lost a tooth. We found it and it did it's job. Kidzilla was happy and all was good. It's all about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at our house...

Naming Genitalia Award- A and Kidzilla are quite creative in naming their boy parts. I swear, every day they've got some new term. Bazonga, beziner, walnuts 'n almonds, lollypop and jellybeans... Everytime I think I've heard them all, I hear a new one. I think it's a boy thing, because I don't remember being like this.

Identifying Hypocrisy Award (AKA pointing out things they don't want to hear award)- I gave A a deadline of Nov. 1 to get his Xmas list to me. I don't like waiting until the last minute and usually have all shopping done by Dec. 1. Today is the 3rd and I don't have it yet. I told him I was going to cancel his Christmas since he didn't meet the deadline, much like we had canceled trick or treating. What's good for the goose is good for the gander right?

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Here is my son's personal favorite for the genitalia: Weebelows!

Interesting blog. I'm also a pilot's wife although my husband is U.S. Navy.