Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy Eights

I was tagged by Nicole, so here goes.

Disclaimer- I'm a free spirited, non conformist Aquarius so my list won't look at neat as everyone elses...

8 Favorite T.V. Shows
(Seriously? I can't even think of one I watch on a regular basis and I couldn't tell you when any of these are actually on. I don't have any fancy TV channels; my cable bill is $14/month. I bet you didn't even know they had a plan that cheap.)

The Sopranos (working my way through the DVD series)
The Amazing Race
America's Toughest Job (now over)
How Weather Changed History
Storm Stories (Kidzilla loves watching this stuff...)
Girls Next Door
Whatever's on the Roku

8 favorite restaurants
The one that serves Panna Cotta
The one where we got married
The one that's not crowded on weekend mornings (does that exist?)
That fondue place in Berkeley
Mom and Dad's house
The one where Kidzilla behaves himself
The one that serves great desserts
The one that serves food quick
The one where I can hang out for hours with my friends and the waiter doesn't care

8 things that happened yesterday (Sunday November 23)
Taught religious education classes to middle schoolers (I know right, who'd a thunk it)
Did 6 loads of laundry
Went to Publix for laundry detergent
Started reading Ralph Nader's Seventeen Traditions
Ordered a Christmas present for Kidzilla
Bossed A around and guilted him into helping clean the house despite being sick
Watched an episode of The Sopranos
Took Kidzilla to the swimming pool to prove that it was too cold to actually go in

8 Things to Look Forward to
Warmer weather
Cooking Thanksgiving dinner
Getting presents for Christmas
12 days of vacation in a row
Getting back in school
Getting a new car
A getting back to work
Getting flight benefits back

8 Things I Love About Fall
Wearing all the winter clothes that have been put away all summer
Baking with Kidzilla
Curling up in the house all day
Seasonal food like Pumpkin Butter and Starbucks coffees
Not having to rake leaves
Less rain (that's just how FL weather works)
Knowing that it's warmer here than where most everyone else is
That my boss takes a lot of vacation

8 Favorite Places to Visit
Whole Foods Market
San Francisco
Folsom, CA
Table Rock Lake, MO
the beach
Anywhere involving an awesome road trip
Capri, Italy

8 Things On My Wish List
Education- complete my Master's and A finish his
Travel- being able to take an actual family vacation
Vehicle- A to get another motorcycle
Friends- feeling like I have a great circle of friends I can count on
Health- A getting a clean bill of health
Money- Our retirement accounts going up in value instead of down
Family- Having a baby

8 People that I tag
I want to tag all those people who read but never post a comment! Leave a comment (anonymously if you want) of 8 things about you.


Anonymous said...

Your favorites are very similar to mine. I am in love with Italian food. What happened yesterday? hummm... so long ago... Let's see, had my sis and her hubby over for dinner and watched WALL-E. so cute.Did laundry, cleaned house cuz I was out all day Saturday sipping Hanger One vodka. Looking forward to our son's wedding in Aug. Looking forward to our vacation in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.Love cold weather and rain in the fall. Love being able to wear more clothing to cover the big butt.Wish our children happiness and success. Wish to retire sometime soon.

Daz said...

Sporadic Reader Here!
1. I married a dude going to school to be a pilot.
2. Your blog reminds me that we will get through the tough times.
3. I am going to school to be an archaeologist.
4. I am currently watching the series on dvd Pretender.
5. I am envious of your warmer weather the mid west is cold and windy.
6. Returning to college has been one of the strangest changes in my life.
7. I love Sundays
8. I hope that you keep writing, and wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season this year!