Monday, September 15, 2008

The reality of life is boring

I'm not sure if I'm glad or not, but for the first time in about a year, our lives are settled and there isn't much going on. No big health issues for anyone, jobs are stable, Kidzilla is back in school, there are no storms headed our way and everything seems to be running smoothly. Of course, posting that will be the kiss of death to any boringness for a while, guarenteed.

For the time being, I've mostly run out of aviation topics to get riled up about. There are still times when I wish I could pack A off on a trip for a while and I still laugh at how anytime a plane flies overhead all conversation will cease as he tries to identify the model and company. He's still working in the aviation industry at least.

I realized the other day that packing up and moving to Tallahassee for school while still leaving enough behind for A to live with is going to be much like splitting the house when one is divorcing. Except I know I'll get it all back eventually. We already discuss who's getting the big TV and who has to take the tiny one. Who's getting what dressers? Who's getting all the high end cookware (ME!)? I'm already planning out decor in my head, for once it can be all me without having to take anyone else's opinions into account.

We have plans to visit Tallahassee next weekend and tour the school and area. We put the baby plans on hold indefinetly (feelings regarding infertility are much to intense to discuss right now, but maybe in another post) and it feels weird to no longer have doctor appointments and be taking medications at specified times. We have a plan to pay off remaining debt and manage the costs of two households for 18 months. Things just are.

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