Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another day

Well, after the last, depressing post, I feel like I should post something more upbeat.

The trip to Tallahassee was interesting. For a state capital, it really wasn't that great. No golden statues, no sweeping rotundas, just a bunch of non-descript, grey buildings and a lot of might-be homeless people hanging around. In a ranking of state capitals I have been to I'd have to rank it 4th of 4. Kidzilla was terribly excited about staying in a hotel and we had quite a debate about who was going to sleep where in the two double beds. He was a great trooper during our campus tours, department meetings and just general driving and looking around. Things are looking positive for going back to school.

A and I were talking about one of the great debates in aviation employment. Why do major airlines (the big ones) all require a college degree? Especially when it doesn't even have to be an aviation related degree. A degree in economics isn't going to help you much while flying across the Atlantic Ocean. But maybe it will be of some use in calculationg the exchange rate when you get there... That business degree isn't going to be of much use in running an engine failure checklist. A has come to the point where he needs to upgrade his A.S. degree for a B.S. so he has the opportunity to move up in the aviation world. So now we debate if its better to go the easy route and get a degree in professional aviation that will be useless upon furlough or the harder route of getting an unrelated degree he'll hopefully never have to use. And how to manage to take classes with such a variable schedule.

This weekend I am stuck hostessing a baby shower for a friend. While I am happy for her, I have to wonder- who in their right mind asks a woman struggling with infertility to hostess a baby shower? Really. Did I give the impression that I was happy about my own inability to conceive and wanted to celebrate someone else's apparant ease at it? I can't wait for this to be over.


Cpt. J's Wife said...

I think it is obnoxious to ask anyone to host a party for you regardless. If no one volunteered, I would just go without!

Flying High said...

I agree. What a crappy insensitive thing to ask you to do. I'd tell her I was too busy to do it, if I were you...

And on the subject of infertility -can I express my solidarity? I'm thinking of you both. x

IFR Pilot said...

Tell A to consider a general business oriented degree from ERAU through its on-line program ("Worldwide Campus"). All done via the internet, reasonable cost, managable with the other demands of life, done at your own pace, etc., etc., etc.