Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting bumped

Time finally caught up to A and he got notice that he had to turn in his airline ID badge and SIDA (security area acess)badge. He knew he was supposed to have turned it in when he stopped flying, but because it was one of the few tangible pieces he had from working for the airline, he held on to it. The tags resided on his dresser and every few days he would pick them up longingly. When his based officially closed, they asked for them back. And although he'll get a new set (perhaps with a better picture) when he goes back to work, it was nice to have the old ones as a reminder. It's unknown still when, or even if, he'll be cleared to return to work so the tags had a huge sentimental value both because he had worked so hard to get to the place where he had earned them, but also as a goal to where he wants to be again. Turning them in is a bit like giving up a piece of ones self and goals and dreams.

Yesterday I noticed that the uniform hat seemed to have moved to a more prominent place in our closet. Since it's bought and paid for, I guess it's one thing that cancer CAN'T take away from him.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God. You sound so sad. As things are a bit tumultous down here in Oz, I was pondering the unimagineable yesterday : losing his job. I really feel for you. Sometimes you feel like a mouse on a wheel trying to keep up with it all.

I'd like to send you another story I wrote which is not on my blog and not about aviation. If you go to my blog and click on the email link in About Me, I'll email it back to you.

Good luck with the move. My thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, that is horrible. I can imagine that those tags were hugely sentimental. Fingers crossed that he'll get them back though.

Flying High said...

Hello my dear,

I've just written a post in relation to this on my blog. We understand how you both feel. Fingers crossed he's back in the air soon. x