Monday, July 23, 2007

Alone Time

I am actually and finally alone in my house. It's blissful. The kid is gone, my pilot is gone, I can eat ice cream for dinner. I promise to thoroughly enjoy myself.

The day got off to a rough start last thursday with trying to get the kid to the other coast for his month with bio-dad. A butterfly flapped it's wings twice in the Amazon, which set off a chain reaction causing a flight to be delayed into ERW. Which led to a the flight here being canceled. Which then caused the last flight to IAH to be canceled b/c there was no equipment. Which meant that A and Kidzilla missed their am flight to IAH due to all the reshuffling of people. Which added on a 6 hour layover for them in IAH and added 12 hours to A's final arrival time home from the trip. But they made it.

One of the flights was so full that Kidzilla had to sit by himself a few rows up from A. I was a little nervous when I heard that, but A said that he behaved himself and his row companions said he was a champion seatmate. Thank god! A chose not to follow my standard method of getting a seat next to the kid. If we have to sit separated, I get the kid settled in and then bat my eyes (if I think it will work) and say to his seatmates "it looks like there is no room for me to sit with my son today, but if you would like to change seats with me, I'd be more than happy to. I sure would hate for him to disrupt your flight by spilling a drink on you, falling asleep on you, or having to get up 3 times an hour to use the restroom." If they say no, then hey, I tried and if they are miserable sitting next to him, it's their own fault.

A shared an airline secret with me the other day. The reason the coffee tastes better on planes is that they make it with bottled water. So now I know.

A is away on a trip so tonight I'm going to wallow around on the bed reading books and occasionally eating non-dinner foods. Heavenly!

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