Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Smooth sailing and turbulence

Seems like it's been forever since I updated. But really there's not much to update on.

A is slated to finish up his IOE today. I hope it goes well for him. He's gotten down to Mexico twice, once for a quick turn and once for an overnight. I guess the overnight was not as glamourous as he had hoped. And many, many small towns in between. After this, we'll have to wait and see when he has to report out to his base in CA. He comes home wed. and is slated to fly Kidzilla out to CA on thursday and then fly home again on fri. So hopefully he'll have a few days break. All he wants to do when he comes home is sleep and yet he says it's not restful b/c all he dreams about is flying planes. Everytime I bump him at night, the arms go flying up and the checklist muttering begins. It's funny now, but I hope it doesn't go on for the next 25 years.

We have our ups and downs when A comes home. It's funny b/c back when we were dating and he lived 2 hours away, I didn't see him more than a few days a week and we never had any trouble turning it off and on. But now, when he's gone, I miss him yet when he's home I feel like he's invading my space. It's bugging me that it seems so different when he's gone now. Why? Is it because before it was my space and he was a guest and now it's our space and he's a family member? I can't say it's because now we are married or because now he is gone more. Even when he was learning/instructing his schedule was irregular and there were days we didn't see him. Neither of those reasons strike me as something I would react to. As long as we are able to work things out each time he's home, we'll make it over this hump.

This is only our second month and I am already so over commuting. Having to leave a day early and arrive a day after for trips just seems so wasteful to me. That is so much family time that he is missing out on. Plus it's such a hassle with flights being full/canceled. It's probably compounded by the fact that we live in a place we aren't emotionally vested in. It's not like we live near family and that's keeping us here. I've heard time and again not to chase metal and move to live in base. But I think for us that that is what would make us happiest. Yes, we run the risk of his being transfered, but his airline isn't one that's known for that. So we are starting to look at moving to TX. There are a lot of pro's, but also some con's. ( aside from it just plain being TX). New bid doesn't take effect until January so we have some time to think about it. We are still hoping for a new southeast base, which would help with time, but not necessarily financially. We had only planned to stay here for a year anyway and it's already 6 months past that. So we'll keep talking and asking advice and eventually make a decision.

Good things are going on in life too. He loves flying. I get lots of cool mini shampoos and soaps. Kidzilla has mastered the basics of swimming. FL is like living in a sauna, but a.c. makes it tolerable. Work is not terrible. I've been cancer free for 11 months now. A year from now I'll look back at this and think about how much I've grown.

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