Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Waiting it out

On site interviews are coming up at A's school. Lo and behold, he has enough hours to meet their minimums, but we've decided not to interview with them. Several reasons behind this.

#1- They are coming out of a hiring freeze. They interviewed at the school once before and were in a hiring freeze then, but came out anyway because they had already comitted to doing it. A company with a hiring freeze doesn't look like a company with the growth that we'd like to see. I'm told they are in negotiations for more routes. But with them still in negotiations, I'm hesitant to go with them. What if they negotiations fall through? Where does that leave the newly hired pilots? If they had already contracted the routes, that might be another story, but until then?

#2- They have 3 domiciles, 2 of which are in places I could never consent to living in (too far north for me). A feels the same way. I'm told that they will guarentee you a spot at the southern one for a year, but after that, you are fair game. I'm just not up for a 60% chance that we'll get transfered to a place I can't stand for an unknown amount of time. I'd rather stick it out and wait for another airline with domiciles I can deal with.

#3- We can go somewhere else with a higher pay and the same upgrade time.
Relating to a previous post of mine- yeah, this might be one of those occasions where having a family to consider might make a person skip out on an opportunity. But the reality is, none of the single guys at the school are jumping to interview with them either.

We heard that one of the airlines we were considering has raised it's minimums by 100 hours. That means an extra 6 weeks here, if current student capacities continue. We've heard nothing but good things about them so far.

A's two half days off were much needed and appreciated. I hope he's able to work in a few more on occasion. It's nice to be able to stop and breathe on occasion.

People at A's school have figured out who I am and ask him questions about things I've posted on forums and here. I think it's funny. He's too busy to keep up with what I'm writing about so it always comes as a suprise to him when it happens. It doesn't seem to bother him too much though. So if you read this and know him, give him a shout out for me. And tell him to share the snacks I brought in...

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