Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Together time

A came home a few days ago start his two week stretch of vacation. We both predict that he'll be driving me nuts by the end of the weekend. At least I can say that my husband knows me, knows my heart, and loves me in spite of my flaws. He's taken the brunt of daycare drop offs, lunch packing, science fair projecting, and vacation planning off of me.

It is so nice for him to be home and in the midst of all of our craziness. It really gives him a perspective of why it is such a pain for me to find time for him to FaceTime with the kids amidst the homework/ dinner prep/ bedtime rush. And why "just figure it out" is my answer for everything complex. It's what I have to do. 

I do admit that I can be a pain to A, yet he takes it all in stride. He may come home from a trip and find me exhausted from work and laid out on the couch watching tv with no dinner plan at 7pm, expecting him to fix it all. But then again he may come home to a clean house and a hot dinner. He can send me a text message question about whether I did something and the response back varies from "thanks for the reminder" to " I have a  f@&$ing Masters degree, I can run this house just fine. Quit trying to micromanage everything". 

Here's to a smooth vacation.

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