Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flying safe with baby

A and actually had this discussion about a year ago, but I don't remember ever posting about it. What sparked it was an incident where a family traveling with a lap child had to disembark from the plane because there was not adequate oxygen masks for all the lap children on the flight.  On A's plane they can only accommodate four lap children and they have to be seated in particular seats. Hmmm, who knew? I asked my dad, the former aircraft mechanic, and he agreed. Some planes have an extra oxygen mask at every bank of seats and some do not. I asked on a pilot bulletin board but got any definitive answers on what has them and what doesn't. So always take the time to ask your FA if you are seated appropriately when traveling with a lap child. Even if you are non-revving and the last people on. It's not only a federal regulation and your right, it's also your duty as a parent.
Babyzilla is two and a half now and too big for me to carry very long anymore, but I used to carry him all the time in slings and wraps. Which you are also not allowed to use on a plane. Because that extra layer of fabric holding your baby to you in addition to your arms in the event of a crash is not a FAA approved device. Despite how much sense it makes to add an extra layer of protection to keep the baby with you AND it can free up your arms in the event of a crash and emergency landing. But no mom and pop sling maker is going to tackle the FAA. But they can be used after take off at least.
The best travel tip I got was to take a small blanket and tuck one side under the baby's seat and the other into the front seat pocket to make a little catch basin for dropped toys. It doesn't work well for lap children, but if you've ever had to root around for a dropped toy while you baby is screaming, there's drinks on your tray and the seat in front of you is reclined, you'll thank the heavens for a way to keep that from happening more than once!

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