Friday, December 4, 2009

Romantic recaps

Today is our anniversary.

Five years ago, I snuck up behind A while he was waiting for me at the BART (public transit train) station for our first date. We headed off to a feisty session of ice skating that included us egging each other on in daring stunts, my trying to give him every opportunity to hold my hand (which he didn't use), him trying to find us someplace to eat b/c he forgot to plan ahead (we had to settle for Subway b/c it was the only thing open, me throwing out big words like equidistant and ostentatious and him countering with circumnavigation. We walked around a bit after skating, made our way home and said an awkward good-bye at the BART station. I left wondering why he never made a move a touch me. He left hoping I thought he was a gentleman.

Four years ago, we relived that first date and again took BART into the city for a trip to the outdoor rink. We reminisced, we egged each other on, we held hands. We finished up with dinner on the outdoor terrace at The Cheesecake Factory on the seventh floor of Macy's in downtown San Francisco. We had a great view of the city Christmas Tree in Union Square, just below us. I was expecting him to propose that day-as a testament to his acceptance of my quirks, he knew I wanted a single anniversary to celebrate and indulged me. He kept excusing himself during dinner so I knew something was up. I was suprised when we concluded dinner with no ring. We headed down to Union Square and it was there, next to the Christmas Tree, that he proposed. It was no big surprise, I had already committed to moving to FL with him and told him there had better be a ring on my finger first, but still, it was romantic and memorable. Everything a girl could want.

Three years ago, after much planning (not really) we got married in Florida. On a Monday, to indulge me in my date obsession again. It's not easy to have a reception on a Monday. Our wedding was wonderful, turned out better than I had even hoped for and was attended by our closest friends. A cousin of mine anonymously paid half of our catering bill; I didn't find out who it was until a year later.

Looking back on the past three years, we have had a lot of ups and downs and been through quite a few changes but we are still holding strong. Five years ago, as a newly single mom, I thought I'd be single for five years before I met someone I would want to marry again. I fought against committal with A because I met him so early on, but he stuck with me and here we are. Today we are both sick with colds so we'll be having a small celebration of take out food and netflix.

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Flying High said...

What a lovely post. Congratulations on your anniversary(ies!) x