Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Small victories

Hooray for Christmas, it's almost here! Gifts have been ordered, shopping lists have been made, and it's 80 degrees outside today. Feels like Christmas is on it's way.

We passed our anniversary. 3 years since our first date and 1 year married. It was pretty anticlimatic really since we lack the funds to do anything more than go to dinner. But A promised me that one day I would get my second honeymoon complete with either a heart shaped in room swimming pool or a champagne glass bathtub. If those two super cheesy attractions exist, I must experience them.

A's arm is healing. He went for a follow up apt yesterday and now has to go for some physical therapy. Seems the break was in a bad spot and there is some scar tissue building up that is inhibiting his mobility. Or something like that. He continues to walk around with his arm frozen in a weird Bob Dole like bend. I keep offering him a pen for his hand and he keeps telling me what I can do with said pen... Last night we had a good laugh over whether he could pass off his oddly angled chicken wing as healed and fly again. We're still unsure if he'll be ready to fly by the start of the new year.

A is headed out to ONT to tie up some loose ends he left due to his unexpected month long vacation. So for one night, I get the bed back to myself again. It's been over 2 full weeks since I've had any time alone, without either A or Kidzilla around. These past two weeks have not been without incident as we've worked to assimilate A into our full time lives. One day I caught myself wondering when he was going to leave again already b/c I was getting annoyed with him interfering with some kitchen related activity. It was his 4th day home. Then there was the Christmas Tree Debacle which involved the return of all of our newly purchased tree decorations until we could work things out. I sent him shopping and was unhappy with his choice of toilet paper. I'm sure it's been just as difficult for him trying to get used to the incessent noise of a kid in the house and the lack of restaurant quality dinner selections every evening.

There is a lot of time that I feel really happy with the life I have chosen and feel that it works really well for us- I'm much to independant and headstrong to live with A on a full time basis. He would go crazy having to deal with me all the time. But at the same time, it sure is nice to have him home.

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