Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A secret i'd rather not admit

I have discovered that I have a problem. An addiction if you will. Most of the time I am strong enough to overcome it. But every so often, usually when A sets me off, I can't help myself. I binge on TV.

Normally, I avoid the television and restrict Kidzilla's viewing as well. It stems from a previous relationship where it felt like the TV was on ALL THE TIME. I hated it and as soon as the relationship was over the TV was off all of the time. To this day, I avoid getting sucked into shows that I HAVE TO WATCH. I hate that feeling of "OMG I have to hurry up grocery shopping or having drinks with a friend so I can get home in time to watch XYZ". And I'm not shelling out for a TIVO either.

But on occasion, I will come home and find A watching something ridiculous like Housewives of New York or Rock of Love or Millionaire Matchmaker or Curb Appeal and my god, I just can't stop myself. I will sit and watch hours of it. Leaving A and Kidzilla to fend for themselves, usually leading to dinner of Taco Bell and me complaining that they are interrupting my viewing. Once I start, I can't stop. It's never a show of any substance, it's usually something where I gape at humanity and thank god that I'm not those people (with the exception of the HGTV, when I wish I was the one buying a swanky vacation home in some exotic locale), but nevertheless, I can't help myself. Thank goodness I'm not a pilot on reserve home watching this crap all day long.

I have heard that step one is admitting that you have a problem.


Spotty said...

No worries, K, you're not the only one. I think you've formulated a theory. Shows like those you listed (sans HGTV) are airing to make people feel good about themselves! ;-)

ELSJA said...

OMG I'm the same. I won't watch a show at all, but then one day they have a marathon of 10 episodes back to back and I'll watch it for the ENTIRE day. That got a little harder when I moved to Australia where they don't have as many marathons, but now I just download shows off of itunes instead :)

globalgal said...

Living in China I don't get to watch TV (at least not in English), so I often tell myself, "Oh, I'm not interested in TV." But when I go back to the US or to my husband's home in Spain, I spend hours glued to the tube. We were in Vancouver for a month in January and I have to admit I spent nearly every afternoon/evening watching HGTV instead of out enjoying that wonderful city.

Lori Lamb said...

Wow, I feel a huge sense of relief hearing I'm not the only one who can sit glued to the tube for hours on end watching those Housewives of ... shows and Millionaire Matchmaker. Today I'm fixating on "Platinum Weddings" while I await DH's return from Hong Kong. Love your blog!! Happy Easter


Misty said...

House hunters international is like crack!