Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why sleep in your own familiar bed...

when you can show up (invited of course) at the house of some girl whose blog you've been following for a year but have never met and crash on her couch instead?

Nicole and I have been following each other's blogs for over a year now, but have never met in person. We have a lot in common- aviation, children, being west coasters in the east. She set up a meet and greet weekend in Atlanta for members of our online group Pilot Wives Club. Since it was within driving distance and I don't have anything better to be doing, I went. Nicole offered up her couch as budget lodging and we were set.

I arrived on Friday night, settled in and had a tasty Indian dinner with Nicole and her husband The next morning we were up bright and early to pick up another wife, Julie, from the airport. She flew in from Indiana for the day. We got to know each other over breakfast and hanging out. For lunch, we had Thai food and met up with two more wives. It was fantastic getting to know other women in the same situations- all of our husbands worked for regional airlines, all had started within months of each other, all had similar complaints and compliments about both the airlines and our husbands. We followed up with a trip to the World of Coke, a walk through Olympic Park and dinner at the Varsity Diner before dropping Julie off at the airport again. The evening finished with s'mores with some friends of Nicole. The next morning, after a tasty home cooked breakfast, I headed south.

Blogging twins

The wives summit- representing:
ASA, Mesaba, Pinnacle and ExpressJet

Coke, even more refreshing
than advertised

Wrapping up our day

It was so nice to be able to share training stories, should've dones, advice and companionship with other wives. Knowing that each airline has its own unique and similar challenges and that we aren't alone is always nice. But putting a face and personality to the actual people out there really brings it home.


Nicole said...

It was so so so much fun to have you visit. For how much I stay with other people, it sure was nice to play host. Thank you for making the drive and leaving your family for the weekend...I'm sure they missed you a lot. I'll let you know when the calendar looks good for me to visit you in FL.

Spotty said...

Great to hear about the visit to ATL. I can truly appreciate your experience as I've grown closer to (and met) other pilot wives.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that post, and your photos. I'm glad you all had such a great time!