Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still in our holding pattern

Posted one year ago today-

Into a holding pattern

The diagnosis came in today.

A has an agressive thyroid cancer. It will require an complicated surgery to remove and will then be followed up with radiation. From what we were told, he can't return to a part 121 airline until 1 year after completing treatment. And he's 5 weeks from being at the company 1 year, which would afford us some better protection and benefits.

My head is spinning


Spotty said...

Still holding ... but my how things can change in one year!

Nicole said...

I rememeber that I started reading your blog about a week before he got his diagnosis. I had read through many previous posts, and got attached to your family. When you posted about his initial diagnosis, my heart sank. Your family has been through so much this year. You are all an inspiration. So many aviation families are going through tough doesn't get much tougher than cancer. Thank you for your courage and candor. We've been pulling for you!

Flying High said...

Congratulations on seeing your horrible year out, and another one in. Let's hope this 12 months is so much better than the last.