Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey, how did that turn out?

Inspired by a recent comment, here's how some of the things I've blogged about in the past few months have turned out.

A's thyroid ultrasound- I guess no news is good news. They didn't see anything on the scan and we haven't heard otherwise from the doctor. The big grand-daddy 2 day scan is coming up next month. It will be one year since A flew at the end of this month. Also the arthritis turned out to be gout and after 6 weeks and two rounds of anti-inflamatories it's mostly gone.

My application for graduate school- after sitting on it for a month, FSU finally cashed my application fee check in January. I heard this week that the application is currently with the second reviewer and should be back by the end of the week. I hope to know soon.

The pilot wife research study I found- the inter-library loan office is trying to locate it for me.

Taking away all of Kidzilla's toys- He slowly earned them back. It was a good opportunity for us to see which toys he really valued and which he never wanted to play with. We weeded through and got rid of a lot of the (crap) ones that were not used. He seems to be doing a better job at keeping his room clean. I hate how addicted he is to the DS. He askes if he can play it as soon as we get in the car after school EVERY DAY. But we keep it limited and it's working.

Want to know whatever happened with something else? Leave a comment and I'll try to give an update.

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